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Basaky  Sauna - Pikante Sex Shop -  Restaurants

The Alicante Gay scene is a thriving mixture of gay bars, gay saunas and gay nudist beaches.  There are bear bars and leather bars, dark rooms and underwear parties, discos and al frescos in Alicante city and the gay scene attracts all ages and types.

The big difference between the Alicante Gay scene and that found in say, Benidorm, is that Alicante just does it better.  It's more sophisticated, more grown up if you like, but still has all your favourites in there, just to keep things spicy. There are a number of cafés and restaurants that are popular with gay guys and there are lots of opportunities to meet up and have a drink or two.

There have been lots of new gay venues opening in the last year or so, Grizzly Bar, Paparazzi (as of mid August 2011, now called Mogambo), Basaky sauna are just the latest, showing that Alicante's Gay scene is growing and improving, year after year. The majority of the gay bars are within walking distance of each other.  There's a real international flavour to it too, attracting English, Spanish, Dutch and Scandinavians alike.

Mogambo: A designers club where the gym queens meet their gladiators. No fake D&G please!!. Very Posh, up to the Beckhams' standards.  

Byblos: Disco, dance, Ibiza, diva, Priscilla like dance club. The Limelite of Alicante. Very cool. No sex, no porn,  just watch and dance.  

Venial Club: Is a very 70's gay disco. If you still think ABBA and Diana Ross are groovy, see you there. Shirley Bassey's ashes will be scattered here I'm sure.

Enigma pub: Hardcore entertainment. Drink, have sex and go. It's like a sauna minus the water.  

Grizzly Bar. Do you need any further explanation?  It’s actually very clean and delicate. Imagine the Eton school of bears. Very clean dark room.

La Marina: Very large beach with miles of golden sand. Nudist and Gay areas, with acres of pine covered dunes. Alternative beaches in Alicante, Torrevieja, plus many more.